La Griega
La Griega was a Spanish Navy brig that was built in Havana Harbor, Havana, Cuba in 1715. The ship was captained by Damian de Astorga, and it had a small crew of around 40 men. The brig carried 20 crates of wood, 20 crates of metal, and 20 crates of cloth, and pirate captain Edward Kenway decided to attack the ship off Great Inagua during his First Great Inagua expedition of March 1716. The ship was immobilized after a gunnery battle, and Kenway and his pirates boarded the ship and forced the crew to surrender after a fight on deck. Kenway plundered the ship's goods and dismantled the ship, using its resources to repair the Jackdaw. Its crew was taken into the Jackdaw's hold, and the ship was scuttled.

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