Leopold von Habsburg
Leopold von Habsburg (1290-) was the Grand Master of the Templar Order from 5 February 1318, succeeding Jacques de Molay. Leopold was originally a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and the son of the former King of the Romans, Albert I of Germany, but he sacrificed a life of royalty to fight for Christianity as a Templar knight.


Prince Leopold of the Holy Roman Empire

Leopold as a prince

Leopold von Habsburg was born in 1290, the third child of King Albert I of Germany and Elizabeth of Carinthia. Leopold, a member of the House of Habsburg, was the younger brother of Friedrich the Usurper. Leopold was destined for greatness as a German noble, and he was known to be a just person. One day, he decided to devote himself to the Templar Order, permanently disinheriting himself from any Habsburg titles. His brother Friedrich felt that he would miss Leopold, one of his closest relatives, but he decided to let his brother fight for Christianity against its enemies. Leopold went on to join the Templars, and he rose to become the Grand Master in 1318, being elected as their new leader after the death of Jacques de Molay. Leopold led the Templars as they stayed underground in the aftermath of the French purge of the Templar order, and he fought to create order across the known world.

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