Leovigild (349 AD-) was a Germanic warrior who was the chief of the Goths from 367 AD until his death, the son of Ermaneric, King of Dacia. He was known for his campaigns against the Vandals and the Eastern Roman Empire.


Leovigild was born in 349 AD in Campus Dacia, the son of Ermaneric, brother to Singeric and Cniva. Leovigild came of age in 365 AD, and marched into northern Greece with a band of raiders and succeeded in defeating a Byzantine army under Petrelis at the Battle of Kallikon, which took place in a mountain pass not far from the Byzantine city. Leovigild became known for his reputation as a raider, and regent of the Visigoths after his family was killed by the Vandals in their sack of Dacia in 367 AD. He sacked Thessaloniki before returning north and inflicting a string of defeats on the encroaching Vandals, and recapturing Dacia to the north.

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