Yellow Jack Inn shootout
The Liquor Ace shootout occurred in 2013 when a crew of Los Varrios Aztecas gangsters attempted to kill Trevor Philips and destroy his meth lab at the Liquor Ace store in Sandy Shores, Blaine County, California. Philips and his associate Chef defended the lab from several waves of Azteca attackers, gunning down scores of them as Philips' other associate Tao Cheng and his translator hid in an icebox to avoid being shot at. Philips succeeded in killing all of the Azteca attackers, and he released Tao Cheng and his translator from the ice box, but the translator, angry that Philips had shoved him in an ice box and realizing that Philips was an untrustworthy partner, decided to cancel their arranged tour of the lab and took their business to the O'Neil Brothers.

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