Liu Xun
Liu Xun (?-?) was the Prefect of Lu Jiang. Liu Xun was attacked by Sun Ce, ruler of Jiang Dong, and driven from Lu Jiang. According to the official histories, he became an attendant to Cao Cao, for whom he was already an acquaintance, but was later released due to his haughty attitude.


Liu Xun was born in Lujiang in Yang Province, in the Wu Territory. Liu Xun became the ally of Yuan Shu, whom he befriended. After being defeated by Cao Cao, Yuan Shu joined Liu Xun at Huan Castle, where they became a powerful force in Jiang Dong. In 199 AD, Sun Ce of the kingdom of Wu attacked Liu Xun, and guarded by Yuan Shu, he fled Huan Castle to Mt. Xisai. While Yuan Shu was defeated, he prepared battlements, and fought a close defeat with Sun Ce's forces, and after his loss here, fled for Cao Cao. However, his snobbish attitude led to his dismissal.

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