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Lydian Campaign
Conflict: Alexander's Invasion of Persia
Date: Fall 335 BC
Place: Lydia, Turkey
Outcome: Macedonian victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Persia Persian Empire


Alexander the Great



2,600 Macedonian militia
1,100 Macedonian scout cavalry
1,500 Hypaspists
800 Greek peltasts

2,800 Medean infantry
3,000 Nomad archers
800 tribal cavalry


2,000 scout cavalry
3,000 Hypaspists
500 peltasts

6,500 killed

The Lydian Campaign was an invasion of the Persian Province of Lydia by Alexander the Great, which resulted in its capture.


The Greek Army, who had now incorporated Hypaspists into their army, invaded the Province of Lydia, governed by Orontobates, who was a skilled leader. However, the Hypaspists chopped down the Medean conscripts and the archers, while the Scout Cavalry's lances cut down the rival tribal cavalry, taking over the region.

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