Macedon 2

Banner of Alexander the Great

The Macedonian Empire was one of the many periods of Macedonian history, which started when Philip II of Macedon took over as king in 358 BC. He conquered Greece by 338 BC after the Battle of Chaeronea, and Alexander the Great, his son, conquered most of the known world by 323 BC. However, the empire collapsed when he died that year.


The Macedonian Empire truly began when Philip II of Macedon's professional standing armies conquered Greece in 338 BC after the Battle of Chaeronea and the Siege of Methoni. When he was assassinated in 336 BC, his son Alexander took over and became known as "Alexander the Great" after conquering the Kingdomn of Illyria, the Thracians, and other barbarian areas in The Balkans. By 333 BC, he was ready to invade the Persian Empire, which he conquered by 329 BC. That year, he captured Merv, the last Persian stronghold, and invaded Baktra and the Mauryan Empire later on. His empire had conquered his way to Greece, The Balkans, Turkey, Lebanon, the Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, northern Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Turkestan, and Pakistan. When he died in 323 BC, he invited his generals to a tournament, and his empire was cut up into pieces for each general to recieve.

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