Manju Goel
Manju Goel (1966-) was a process control improvement consultant who ran for a US House of Representatives seat from Illinois' 8th district in 2014 as a Republican Party candidate.


Manju Goel was born in India in 1966, and she emigrated to the United States at the age of 21. She received degrees in applied computer science and healthcare management, and she became a self-employed consultant specializing in process control improvement. In 2014, Goel sought the Republican Party nomination for a US House of Representatives race in Illinois' 8th congressional district, and she sought to repeal Obamacare. Goel attempted to cater to the 12% Asian minority of the district, and she attempted to use illicit means to defeat her opponent, Larry Kaifesh, such as making a fake website for him that defamed him, as well as by buying votes. Many people called for her to drop out of the primary, and Kaifesh defeated her with an overwhelming 71.5% of the vote.

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