King Marsile at the Battle of Roncesvalles

Marsilion (d. 778), also known as Marsile, Marsila, Marsilius, Marsiluns, Marsilies, Marsilun, and Marsille, was a Saracen monarch who was King of Al-Andalus in the late 8th Century AD. Marsilion was killed in the Battle of Roncesvalles while fighting the Frankish Empire.


Marsilion was the King of Muslim Spain in the late 700s CE, ruling from the capital of Saragossa. He married with Bramimonde, and ruled the castle together, and were Pagans. In 778 CE, the French invaded northern Spain as a part of the Reconquista, and Marsilion ambushed their rearguard at Roncevaux Pass with help from a traitor in the Frankish ranks, and was reinforced by Emir Baligant of Babylon. However, he was mortally wounded by Roland, Duke of Brittany, and left Spain in his care once he died.

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