Masayo Kira

Masayo Kira

Masayo Kira (died 1545) was a general of the Chosokabe clan from the beginning, being one of Kunichika Chosokabe's first generals. He was the son of Ietoyo Kira, a Chosokabe retainer. In 1545, he was killed in the defeat of the Ichijo clan.


Masayo Kira was the son of Chosokabe retainer Ietoyo Kira, who was also a minor daimyo who led the Kira clan. In 1545, Masayo Kira took part in the uprising in Tosa Province that overthrew the Ichijo, and became a commander in the army of Kunichika Chosokabe. He served in the fight against the Ichijo loyalists of Fusamoto Kira, but was slain in the Battle of Tosa Fields, which was however a victory. He died before Kunichika himself was killed as well.

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