Melvin E. Thompson
Melvin Ernest Thompson (1 May 1903-3 October 1980) was the first Lieutenant Governor of Georgia (D), serving from 14 January to 18 March 1947 and preceding Ernest Vandiver, and Governor of Georgia from 18 March to 17 November 1948, interrupting Herman Talmadge's two terms.


Melvin Ernest Thompson was from Millen in rural Jenkins County, Georgia, and he worked in education for years, becoming assistant school superintendent for the state. Under Governor Ellis Arnall, he served as his executive secretary and state revenue commissioner, and Thomspon won the state's first lieutenant gubernatorial election in 1946. In 1947, the death of governor-elect Eugene Talmadge led to confusion over who the governor was, and Thompson exercised power from January to March, with Herman Talmadge succeeding him as governor. He unsuccessfully opposed Talmadge in three elections, and he became a realtor in Valdosta.

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