Michael McEntee
Michael McEntee was a general of the Irish Army and the commander of the Irish contingent in ONUC during the Congo Crisis. In 1961, he was the commanding officer of Conor Cruise O'Brien and Commandant Pat Quinlan, and he agreed to focus on O'Brien's Operation Morthor rather than assisting Quinlan with relieving the Siege of Jadotville. McEntee claimed that all UN forces were preoccupied with fighting against Moise Tshombe's forces in the Katangan capital of Elisabethville, and the relief force that he did send to Jadotville was forced to pull back after failing to break through the besieging forces. McEntee later met Quinlan on his return to Ireland, and Quinlan decked McEntee when McEntee threatened to court-martial him and his men for "cowardice" due to their surrender. McEntee later spoke with O'Brien and told him that he owed Quinlan the ability to punch him in the face.

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