Milo van der Graaff
Milo van der Graff was a Dutch naval trader and merchant who was active in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. Milo branded himself as "honest businessman and friend", but he used illegal methods to improve his business' standing; he hired the pirate Edward Kenway as a "privateer", assigning him naval contracts in exchange for coin. He had Kenway perform tasks such as looting Spanish ships (claiming that the Spanish gained their loot illegally), assassinating the captain of a Royal Navy vessel off Ile a Vache (claiming that the captain was really a criminal), and destroying a pirate hunter ship (which he claimed sunk innocent ships). Van der Graaff later became a wanted man due to his association with Kenway, and Kenway escorted him through four British and Spanish fleets so that he could escape the Caribbean once and for all. Before departing, Van der Graaff gave Kenway a pair of golden flintlock pistols.

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