Chosokabe general
Mototsura Kira (died 1585) was a Chosokabe general. He served under Sanefusa Chosokabe from the start.


Mototsura Kira was born in Tosa Province, Shikoku, to a wealthy clan. He was the brother of Kagetsugu Kira and the nephew of Ietoyo Kira, who won the Battle of Kochi in 1545. Mototsura enlisted in the army in 1547, and became a general in the army. He fought under Sanefusa Chosokabe at the Siege of Wakyama in 1549 against the Hatakeyama clan, leading a unit of archers.

He later served under Motochika Chosokabe, the brother and successor of Sanefusa. Mototsura was killed in the Subjugation of Shikoku in 1585 by Hideyoshi Hashiba's army.