Egyptian Rebels
The Nabatean Kingdom (also known as Nabatea) was a political state of the Nabateans which existed during Classical antiquity and was annexed by the Roman Empire in CE 106. The Nabateans had their capital at Petra, but Bostra was also a key city. They were first subjugated by Egypt in 268 BC but their final conquest came with the Romans.

== History ==

The Nabatean Kingdom started in 312 BC with the foundation of Petra in present-day Jordan, with the nomadic Nabateans founding cities across Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq, and the Levant. The Nabateans worshipped their own gods, comparable to the Greek mythology, and spoke in an Aramaic language pattern. The Nabateans were little more than Arabic tribespeople and raiders who were eventually enslaved by the Egyptians in 268 BC after Bostra fell, but their final conquest came with the Romans in 106 CE.

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