Omani–Portuguese War
Omani-Portuguese War
Date: 1844—1845
Place: East Africa
Outcome: Portuguese victory

Flag of Portugal 3 Portugal

Flag of Oman 2 Oman


Flag of Portugal 3 Admiral Rafael Pires

Flag of Oman 2 Abd ibn Abd al-Qadir

The Omani-Portuguese War was a colonial conflict that occurred mostly in East Africa during the early 1840s between the Kingdom of Portugal and Navarre and Oman. After several months of uninterrupted Portuguese military victories, the Sultan of Oman sued for peace and ceded Omani territories in East Africa to Portugal. The war was characterized by Portuguese troops moving up the East African coast and occupying isolated Omani colonies, fighting off the Omani troops which waged a guerrilla campaign against the invaders. The Portuguese Royal Navy secured the coast and defeated the small Omani fleet early, dominating the seas.

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