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Battle of Fort St. Matthew
Conflict: Revolutionary War
Date: January 1778
Place: Fort St. Mathieu, near New York City, New York
Outcome: Continental victory

USA Continental Army

Flag of Great Britain Great Britain


Connor Davenport

Edward Masters †


50 troops

120 troops



120 killed

The Raid on Fort St-Mathieu was an action in the Revolutionary War in 1778 that involved the storming of Fort St-Mathieu, a British-held fort near New York City.


Mohawk Hashshashin Connor Davenport attacked Fort St-Mathieu, a British fort near New York City, killing many guards outside of the fort, causing Colonel Edward Masters to close the gates. However, the Continentals jumped over the cannon ramparts and stormed the fort, killing Masters and raising the US flag instead of the British one, securing the fort. The British prisoners were hit by snowballs as they were marched out of the fort following their surrender.

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