Ranger Vane
Ranger was a 30-gun brig captained by the pirates Benjamin Hornigold and Charles Vane during the Golden Age of Piracy. Vane captained the ship for many years, using it in a failed attempt to capture the Spanish Navy man o' war El Arca del Maestro in September 1715. Hornigold took command of the Ranger in 1717, and he used the powerful ship to plunder merchant ships with impunity; Vane would return to command the Ranger at some point, and he commanded the ship until Jack Rackham led a mutiny aboard the ship in 1718 after the ship was heavily damaged in battle with the Royal African Pearl. Rackham and the crew of Ranger took over Edward Kenway's ship Jackdaw and stranded Vane and Kenway on the disabled Ranger. The two neglected to drop the ship's anchor, and the ship was beached on Isla Providencia.

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