Reginald Jones
Reginald Jones (died 1962) was a SPECTRE criminal from Jamaica. In 1962, he was sent to pick up British MI6 agent James Bond at the Palisadoes Airport in Kingston after he landed, pretending to be his driver. Bond called the Government House, which told him that they had not sent a driver due to Bond's request to be low-profile, and Bond deduced that Jones was a foe. He nevertheless played along, having Jones shake off CIA pursuers Felix Leiter and Quarrel Stewart. After pulling to a stop behind a large bush, Bond pointed a gun at Jones and demanded to know who he was working for. Jones tried to fight back, but Bond shoved him against the front of the car. Jones agreed to reveal who he was working for, but he insisted on smoking a cigarette first. Bond pulled cigarettes out of Jones' pocket and handed one to him, and Jones bit into it, revealing that it had been laced with cyanide. Jones died before Bond could force him to give up Julius No's name.

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