The Republican Party of Virginia is the state affiliate of the Republican Party in Virginia. The party is conservative, and it rejected the expansion of Medicaid to lower-class Virginians, challenged the federal requirement that all adults have health insurance, dropped the requirement that sixth grade girls receive HPV vaccinations, limited government services to undocumented residents, opposed pre-kindergarten education funding, expanded concealed carry rights, opposed background checks for weapons bought at gun shows, defeated attempts to raise taxes on cigarettes, supported offshore oil drilling, opposed same-sex marriage, voted against unemployment benefits, sought judicial review of EPA findings, supported the designation of April as "Confederate History Month", and supported a law that allowed for the Virginia legislature to veto federal legislation with a two-thirds majority vote. In 2017, it held 7/11 US House of Representatives seats, 21/40 State Senate seats, and 66/100 State House of Representatives seats.