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Rigal plantation raid
Rigal plantation raid
Conflict: Maroon Rebellion
Date: 1735
Place: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Outcome: Maroon victory


Flag of France France



Flag of France Marian Rigal


40 slaves

20 guards


14 slaves killed

all dead

The Rigal plantation raid occurred in 1735 when the Maroon ally Adewale raided a French plantation on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Saint-Domingue, in an attempt to free the 40 slaves there. Adewale came across the plantation shortly after rescuing Jeanne Gribelin from the overseer Enzo Cartier, and he decided to liberate as many slaves as possible. Upon hearing of Adewale's arrival, the overseers began to massacre unarmed slaves with the hope that they could prevent a slave riot, angering Adewale, who killed all 20 overseers. In the end, he saved 26 slaves, who proceeded to join the Maroons in the countryside. 

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