Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes (15 May 1940-18 May 2017) was the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fox News and a media consultant for several Republican Party officials. In July 2016, he was fired from Fox News after being accused of sexual misconduct.


Roger Ailes was born in Warren, Ohio on 15 May 1940, the son of a factory foreman. He suffered from hemophilia and was often hospitalized as a youth, and his parents divorced due to his father's abuse. Ailes became involved with WOUB radio station at the University of Ohio, and he became Republican Party presidential candidate Richard Nixon's media consultant in preparation for the 1968 election. In 1984, he worked on Ronald Reagan's campaign, and he became the mouthpiece of the Republican Party when he founded Fox News in 1996. His channel broadcast news with a conservative outlook, and he became a wealthy businessman. In July 2016, however, his reputation was marred by sexual misconduct allegations, ruining his public image. On 21 July, he was paid $40,000,000 and fired, and he died at his Palm Beach, Florida home on 18 May 2017.

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