Rogers Salvage and Scrap shootout
The Rogers Salvage and Scrap shootout occurred in September 2013 when three members of The Families street gang killed dozens of rival Ballas gangsters at a drug deal-gone-wrong at a recycling plant in Long Beach, California. The two gangs met at the scrapyard so that Families OG Harold Joseph could engage in a drug deal with Ballas OG Chilli D, but Chilli D had bad blood with fellow Families members Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, and he set them up. Several Ballas gang cars arrived, leading to Joseph shooting D twice in the head. The Families gangsters then engaged in a shootout with the Ballas gangsters in the recycling plant, with Clinton using a shotgun equipped with a flashlight to blast the Ballas gangsters. The Families gangsters succeeded in fighting their way out of the recycling plant, which caught fire when an oil canister was shot near large cloth bundles. The escaping Families gangsters also took down an LAPD helicopter, and they managed to escape back to Baldwin Village.