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Scythian Campaign (333 BC)
Campaign: Alexander's Invasion of Greece
Date: 333 BC
Place: Scythia, The Crimea/Ukraine
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Scythia Scythians


Alexander the Great



1,000 militia
1,800 scout cavalry
1,000 Greek peltasts
2,000 Hypaspists
100 Greek Archers

2,400 tribal cavalry
800 tribal infantry
1,800 horse archers


1,900 killed


The Scythian Campaign was the conquest of Scythia by Alexander the Great in 333 BC.


Alexander, advised to do so by General Parmenion, invaded Scythia, territory of King Ateas, a master rider and cavalry tactician like Alexander. The first time, the Scythian cavalry rode the Greeks down, but Alexander brought up his Greek archers. They were cut down as well, but the Scythians were weakened even more. A third time, he sent his Hypaspists out, and they slaughtered the enemy cavalry, but again, with heavy losses inflicted upon them.

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