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Siege of Assur (330 BC)
Greeks and Persians
Conflict: Conquests of Alexander
Date: 330-328 BC
Place: Assur, Province of Assyria
Outcome: Greek victory

Macedon 2 Macedon

Persia Persian Empire


Alexander the Great



2,000 Macedonian scout cavalry
2,600 Hypaspists
900 Greek archers
2,000 Silver Shield Guards

4,400 Persian archers
6,000 Kardake Infantry
600 Immortals
2,200 Kurdish javelinmen
200 Bactrian cataphracts




The Siege of Assur was the capture of the Province of Assyria by the Empire of Macedon.


Alexander's army attacked Assur, held by a variety of Persian units from across the empire, which was the capital of Assyria. Despite a failed initial attack that cost both sides heavily, Alexander renewed the attack with more spearmen, but failed, and now General Karademas took over his camp. Alexander, counterattacking from Cappadocia with a new army, faced the governor, who had only a small garrison, and destroyed his army, encircling Karademas' force in the process. The encircled Persian army was massacred, and Alexander won, although at a tremendous cost, a pyrrhic victory.

Alexander then proceeded to invade the city again, attacking Caspar's army with his battle-hardened (now including Macedonian lancers) army, and slaughtered the enemy, taking over Assyria.

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