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Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom
Bergen-op-Zoom 1618
Conflict: Dutch Revolt
Date: 1618
Place: Bergen-op-Zoom, North Brabant, Netherlands
Outcome: Dutch victory

Arras Union of Arras

Archduchy of Austria Archduchy of Austria


Arras William of Nassau

Archduchy of Austria Maximilian Mysner


809 troops

77 troops


281 losses

77 dead

The Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom occurred when the Dutch States Army attempted to conquer the Austrian city of Bergen-op-Zoom in the summer of 1618. An 809-strong Dutch army under William of Nassau, consisting mostly of mercenaries, besieged the Austrian garrison (which consisted of a mere 77 troops), but the tenacious Austrians literally fought to the death, inflicting significant losses on the Dutch by pouring flaming oil on the battering rams and by holding their ground in the city center. The Dutch ultimately succeeded in taking the city, which was one of the first operations carried out against the Austrian strongholds in Brabant (Bergen-op-Zoom, Breda, and Tilburg). The battle occurred in the context of the Dutch Revolt, during which the Dutch fought against Habsburg forces in the Spanish Netherlands with the goal of achieving their independence.

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