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Siege of Chang Sha
Campaign: Rebellion of Ou Xing
Date: 186-187 AD
Place: Changsha, Jing Province
Outcome: Eastern Han victory

Eastern Han

Rebels Rebels


Sun Jian

Ou Xing







The Siege of Changsha was the capture of the city of Changsha by Sun Jian, who was sent by the Eastern Han Dynasty to crush a rebellion led by Ou Xing. Ou Xing's armies were overwhelmed within 50 days and Changsha retaken.


When the Ten Eunuchs gained control of the Imperial Court's authority, governance devolved into a mere charade, leading to uprisings throughout the entire land. In Changsha in southern Jing Province, Ou Xing raised troops and staged a large-scale rebellion. The Ten Eunuchs, in the guise of an imperial edict, appointed Sun Jian as the new Prefect of Changsha and sent him to deal with Ou Xing.


Sun Jian's army was assembled near the city at Jiangling, before marching out to besiege the city. His forces were ambushed on a number of occasions, by the army of Ou Xing (which included some Yellow Turbans and barbarian mercenaries), but Ou Xing's forces were without a supply of reinforcements, and their messenger sent to ask for more troops was slain while crossing a river ford by Huang Gai, a Sun Family General. Huang Gai in turn led an attack that captured some of the outlying garrisons, and fire attacks by Ou Xing failed. Siege works were constructed by Sun Jian, whose forces then stormed the city and Ou Xing was captured and executed.

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