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Siege of Edo Castle
Ogigayatsu clan
Conflict: Campaigns of Ujiyasu Hojo
Date: 1545-1546
Place: Edo, Musashi Province
Outcome: Hojo victory

Hojo Hojo

Ogigayatsu Ogigayatsu


Ujiyasu Hojo
Morotsugu Kasahara

Norikatsu Ogigayatsu







The 'Siege of Edo Castle' was an engagement between the Hojo and Ogigayatsu clans, who had a dispute over Musashi Province. The Hojo, led by Ujiyasu Hojo, crushed the Ogigayatsu, who had 303 troops. The Hojo, with 346 troops, made two attempts to take the castle, the second of which succeeded.


Ujiyasu Hojo and 346 Hojo troops besieged Hojo Castle, held by Norikatsu Ogigayatsu and 303 troops, after failing to do so in the earlier parts of the year. The Hojo failed in their first attack, losing 224 troops, but killed the enemy down to 24 men. The Hojo continued the siege until reinforcements from Morotsugu Kasahara (brother of Ujitane Kasahara, slain in the first siege) arrived, and they advanced into the castle. They had 250, facing 71 enemies. The Hojo lost 109 more troops, but slaughtered the rest of the Ogigayatsu, slaying Norikatsu and devastating the Ogigayatsu.

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