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Siege of Kochi
Tosa province
Conflict: Warring States Period
Date: 1545
Place: Kochi, Tosa Province
Outcome: Chosokabe victory

Rebels Forces loyal to Kunichika Chosokabe

Chosokabe Forces loyal to Fusamoto Ichijo


Kunichika Chosokabe

Fusamoto Ichijo







The Siege of Kochi was a battle between the Ichijo clan and rebels led by Kunichika Chosokabe. This opened the Warring States Period, as this was the first major clan battle ever since 1519.


In order to create a clan out of his power, and to deal with the waning popularity of the Ichijo, Kunichika Chosokabe, a vassal of Fusamoto Ichijo, rebelled in Tosa. Aided by the Kira, who were a smaller clan from Tosa, the Chosokabe attacked Kochi Castle, the capital of Tosa Province. The garrison defending the city either defected or was slaughtered, and the Ichijo were forced out of the seat of power.

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