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Siege of Lize Outpost
Conflict: Warring States Period
Date: 478 BC
Place: Lize, China
Outcome: Qi victory


Kingdom of Wei


Sun Tzu

Zhu Zeng






1,400 killed
90% destruction

The Siege of Lize Outpost was an engagement between the Kingdom of Wei and Qi, two feudal states in China. The Qi, led by Sun Tzu, besieged the Wei outpost and took it after a lengthy siege, killing 1,400 of the enemy and destroying 90% of the castle.


Sun Tzu and a massive Qi army, equipped with some catapults, assaulted Lize Outpost, a position defended by the Qi Army. His catapults inflicted heavy damage on the castle, and killed 1,400 of the Kingdom of Qi's army. The Qi were successful in taking over the treasure held inside of the castle, and then proceeded to march onwards.

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