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Siege of Megiddo
Conflict: Palestinian Revolt (1467 BC)
Date: 1467 BCE
Place: Megiddo, Palestine
Outcome: Egyptian victory

Egypt Egyptian Empire

Burgundy Palestinian Rebels


Thutmosis III

Malik al-Kadeshi


18,000 Egyptian conscripts
2,000 Nubian officers

10,000 infantry
1,000 chariots



83 killed
340 captured

The Siege of Megiddo was a battle of the Bronze Age that involved the armies of Egypt and some Palestinian warlords, which took place in the city of Megiddo in modern-day Israel. The Egyptians attacked the rebel settlement because it disrupted trade with other city-states, and in the end, the Palestinian warlords surrendered to Thutmosis III.


The Egyptians prospered under the Pharaohs, defeating the Hyksos invaders and re-establishing control over Egypt and the Levant. However, some Palestinian Rebels captured the trade center of Megiddo, blocking off all roads and halting trade with the Hittites, Chaldeans, Persians, and other empires. In return, Thutmosis III of Egypt rallied an army of 20,000 troops, composed of conscripts with Nubian officers, and attacked the city.


The Egyptians traveled through a narrow pass around the city, and struck at the rebels with their chariots, and Pharaoh Thutmosis traveled at the front of his troops on a command chariot, and the Egyptian footsoldiers cut down several of the rebels in the brutal warfare. The Palestinians closed off the gates once they retreated, so the siege was prolonged by seven months, and afterwards, Thutmosis took the city with siege-works and killed all of the opposing troops, capturing the rest. The warlords surrendered their young sons over as hostages, agreeing to cede Megiddo back to Egypt.

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