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Siege of Musashi
Conflict: Gempei War
Date: 1175 AD
Place: Edo, Musashi Province
Outcome: Minamoto victory

Kamakura Minamoto Kamakura Minamoto

Edo Edo


Yoritomo Minamoto



4,950 levies

5,700 levies


2,420 killed

5,700 killed or captured

The Siege of Musashi was an action in the Minamoto-Edo feud of the Gempei War period (1175-1189), which resulted in the destruction of the Edo clan due to the capture of their capital by Yoritomo Minamoto.


Yoritomo Minamoto and a force of 4,950 troops from Sagami Province invaded the territory of the Edo clan, Musashi Province, to settle a feud between the two families, and the army laid siege to the Edo capital of Edo Castle. The Minamoto built siege rams, ladders, and archer towers, breaking down the gates and storming the city after killing or capturing as much of the outlying populace as possible, and the Kamakura Minamoto slew the enemy garrison one by one, until every guard was cut to ribbons, and the city became a Kamakura city.

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