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Siege of Qucheng
Campaign: Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions
Date: 249 AD
Place: Qu Castle, Yong Province
Outcome: Wei victory

Cao Wei

Shu Han


Guo Huai

Jiang Wei






heavy troop and material losses

The Siege of Qucheng occurred in 249 AD when a Cao Wei army led by General Guo Huai attacked and captured an impromptu Shu Han fortress at Qucheng constructed by General Jiang Wei, leading to a victory at Mt. Niu Tou.


When Shu Han General Jiang Wei invaded Cao Wei again in 249 AD, he made sure to recruit some Qiang tribesmen as mercenaries and build castles to cement control of his rear flank. However, while he marched on Yongzhou Castle, Governor Guo Huai of Yong Province and a Wei siege force attacked the castle.


Constructing siege works, Guo Huai and his troops repeatedly rammed the castle with a battering ram for days upon days, and as Jiang Wei's army was tied down at Mt. Niutou unable to do anything, the Wei army stormed the castle and took it.

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