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Wang Ling's Rebellion
Date: 251 AD
Place: Shouchun, Yan Province, China
Outcome: Wei victory
Major Battles: Siege of Shouchun

Cao Wei

Rebels Rebels
Dong Wu


Sima Yi
Guo Huai

Wang Ling  Skull and crossbones
Cao Biao  Skull and crossbones
Zhuge Ke
Wang Feixiao
Wang Jinhu  Skull and crossbones
Wang Mingshan

The Siege of Shouchun was the recapture of Shouchun Castle from the army of Wang Ling, a rebellious Wei general who wanted to place Cao Mao on the throne. 


Wang Ling, military leader of Huainan, believed that the older, more experienced Cao Biao was more worthy to be emperor than the young Cao Fang. He discussed removing Cao Feng with Huang Hua, Governor of Yan, who informed Sima Yi. Sima Yi led a force to subdue Wang Ling, who was backed by a Wu army led by Zhuge Ke. The Wu army reached Shouchun in time to back their ally.


Wang Ling's son Wang Guang refused to fight alongside his father, and fought for the Wei instead, and the Cao Wei army advanced over river fords and captured all of the Rebel garrisons. When Ding Feng and the Wu arrived, the Wei army was flanked, but managed to cut a swathe through the rebel lines, and captured Wang Ling, although Wang Guang failed to convince his brothers to defect, and they were also captured as prisoners of war. The Wu army was decisively defeated, and Ding Feng fell back to Yang Province. The whole of the Wang Family, except for Wang Guang, was executed, and Guo Huai's sister was almost executed due to being Wang Ling's wife, but Guo Huai convinced Sima Yi not to.

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