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Siege of Tochigi Castle
Yamanouchi clan
Conflict: Campaigns of Ujiyasu Hojo
Date: 1548
Place: Tochigi, Shimotsuke Province
Outcome: Hojo victory

Hojo Ujiyasu Hojo

Yamanouchi Yamanouchi


Hojo Ujiyasu Hojo

Yamanouchi Mitsuzumi Ijuin







The Siege of Tochigi Castle was an armed conflict between the Hojo and Yamanouchi clans, who fought over Shimotsuke Province. The Hojo, led by daimyo Ujiyasu Hojo, crushed the Yamanouchi, and took over the castle without any losses.


Ujiyasu Hojo's expanding clan fought the Yamanouchi clan over the Shimotsuke Province, laying siege to Tochigi, facing 45 Yamanouchi under Mitsuzumi Ijuin, with 1,469 troops. Ujiyasu's troops stormed the castle, and ruthlessly slaughtered the garrison, whose samurai retainers were butchered by the experienced Yari Ashigaru of the Hojo clan, who also utilized their superior siege towers forged in Odawara Castle. After the battle, Norimasa Yamanouchi made peace with the Hojo rather than be under their thumb.

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