Slugs Piombino
Iacopo "Slugs" Piombino (1992-) was an Italian-American gangster who made a name for himself as a career criminal in southern California in 2017. Piombino started off as an armed robber and a hitman, but he later evolved into a heist crew member, crime boss, drug trafficker, and arms trafficker, and he was involved in countless crimes in Los Angeles and rural Blaine County.


Early life

Piombino plane

Piombino on the plane to LAX

Iacopo Piombino was born in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1992 to a family of Italian Catholic descent. His father was involved with the American Mafia, working with the Pegorino crime family. The young Iacopo took part in some criminal activities as a member of the Pegorino family, and he gained the nickname "slugs" after he survived a drive-by shooting carried out by the rival Pavano crime family. Piombino later befriended Los Angeles criminal Lamar Davis through Facebook, and Davis invited him to come out to Los Angeles in 2017, as there were many business opportunities there. Piombino sought to get involved with the lucrative arms trade, the drug trade, heists, and other activities in the West, where he could make a name for himself. He decided to fly out to Los Angeles to find a new home, and he entered the city as a new man.

Arrival in LA

Piombino Lamar

Piombino meeting Lamar Davis, 2017

Piombino arrived in the city and met Davis at the airport, and they greeted each other before Davis handed him a Taurus PT92 pistol in his Cadillac sedan. Davis drove him to a street race organized by his friend, parking at a Hollywood parking lot so that Piombino could choose his car. Piombino chose a red Ford Crown Victoria sedan, and he defeated Lamar in a race that took them through the northern parts of the city. Davis saw potential in Piombino, and he decided to introduce him to The Families drug dealer Gerald G. Piombino was paid $500 to disrupt a deal between the Ballas and Vagos, and he had to pursue the drugs carrier upstate into Blaine County, where he killed him and took his drugs. He returned the drugs to Gerald for payment, and Gerald decided to use Piombino as an associate. Piombino was also referred to the Armenian car dealer Simeon Yetarian, who employed Davis; Yetarian wanted Piombino to take valuable cars to him for resale. 

Rise to power

Piombino lowriders

Piombino wearing a lowrider outfit

Piombino did odd jobs for Gerald, Yetarian, and Davis, and he assisted Davis with his lowrider missions; he killed several Ballas and Vagos leaders at a sitdown after attempting to provoke a gang war, defended a deal with some South Korean gangsters from the Ballas, busted Gerald out of a prison transport, assassinated several Vagos members at a funeral, stole some lowriders from the Vagos, and acquired two lowriders so that Lamar could give a peace offering to OG Vernon. Piombino made a lot of money from his jobs, and he initially settled in a small apartment in the city. However, he later bought a high-end suite in the Richards Majestic hotel, and he bought a new car, a silver Chrysler Crossfire, which he equipped with bulletproof wheels, armor, and new attributes to make it into a "pimped-out" racing and business vehicle. Piombino was later contacted by Trevor Philips, who forced Piombino to work for him after Piombino stole a meth RV from Trevor Philips Enterprises, and the Mexican crime boss Martin Madrazo decided to employ Piombino to wipe out rival gangsters who took advantage of his kindness and mistook it for weakness.

Armed robber

Piombino survival
Slugs Piombino became one of the most infamous armed robbers of southern California by carrying out several robberies across Los Angeles and Blaine County. Piombino usually went behind the register, punched the store clerk, and stole the cash from the register before running off; he would then shake off the police and head to his next target. Piombino preferred to rob targets in Blaine County, as there were less roads to avoid and large concentrations of stores in small areas, while the city had more roads with more cop cars and less nearby stores. Piombino eventually gained a level of notoriety from his actions, so he decided to mask his appearance by dropping his mobster apperance and taking on an athletic 1970s appearance. Piombino, an Italian Catholic, bought some religious tattoos, and he also bought a tattoo of the American flag on his back and of a seductive female mechanic on his right arm. Piombino then purchased a sports polo, olive shorts, and olive sneakers, and he got a haircut, grew out a mustache, beard, and sideburns, and purchased aviators. Piombino would use this new appearance to ensure that the police could not identify him from previous photos.


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