Steve Scalise
Stephen Joseph "Steve" Scalise (6 October 1965-) was the US House Majority Whip from 1 August 2014, succeeding Kevin McCarthy, and a Member of the US House of Representatives (R) from Louisiana's 1st district from 3 May 2008, succeeding Bobby Jindal. In 2017, he was wounded by a gunman at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia while preparing for the congressional baseball game that was to be held the next day, the first sitting congressman to be shot since Gabrielle Giffords.


Stephen Joseph Scalise was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on 6 October 1965, the son of a real estate broker. He majored in computer programming and minored in political science while studying at Louisiana State University, and he was elected to the State House of Representatives as a Republican candidate in 1995, succeeding Quentin Dastugue, who had resigned in order to run for governor. He served as a state congressman until 2003, and he won a special election to the US House of Representatives in 2008. In 2014, when Kevin McCarthy was elected House Majority Leader, Scalise was elected House Majority Whip. On 14 June 2017, he was shot in the hip by an armed white male in the dugout of an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field as he practiced for the upcoming congressional baseball game, and four other people were shot (including congressional aides) before Capitol Police managed to subdue and arrest the shooter.

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