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Strasshof raid
Strasshof raid
Conflict: World War II
Date: 18 September 1944
Place: Strasshof, Austria
Outcome: Allied victory

USA United States

Nazis Nazi Germany


USA Steve Foley

Nazis Norbert Klugmann


4+ troops

100+ troops


few wounded

50+ dead

The Strasshof raid (18 September 1944) was a US special forces operation that was executed during World War II. A squad of American paratroopers from Bravo Company, US 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, commanded by Captain Steve Foley, was sent to rescue the British Major Gerald Ingram from Dulag IIIA, a German prison camp located outside of Strasshof, Austria. The Americans planned to rescue Ingram within ten minutes, lest the Germans lock down the camp and overwhelm them. The American troops succeeded in shooting their way past several Wehrmacht troops, and they found Ingram in his cell strangling a German prison guard. They succeeded in rescuing Ingram from his cell, and they were able to escape back to the entrance of the camp before the Germans could lock the camp down.