The Sultanate of Aleppo was an Islamic nation that was based in the Aleppo Region in the Middle East, ruled by Radwan of Aleppo from 1095 to 1113. The sultanate was considered a Seljuk Rebel-held city, but it later fell under the influence of the Sultanate of Damascus, and later, the Ayyubids.


Aleppo was a fertile city-state in Outremer that constantly invaded Frankish territory while every attempted Crusader siege failed, but they were defeated at the Battle of Artah in 1105 by Tancred of Lecce. The Sultanate of Aleppo was taken over by the Mosulites in 1128 under Imad ad-Din, founder of the Zangid Empire, but after the death of Zangi in 1146, the sultanate became independent, only for Nur al-Din to take it over again. During the Crusade of 1153, it was attacked in 1154, 1158, 1170, and 1176, with the Castilians taking it in 1158, failing to take it in 1170, and recapturing it in 1176, but retreated soon after, leaving Aleppo alone for the rest of the century. It remained independent until 1260, when the Mongol Empire conquered the city, and afterwards, it fell under Mamluke dominion.

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