The Sultanate of Damascus was an Islamic nation that was based at Damascus, although they also had influence across Syria as well. It was founded in 1079 by Tutush I of the Burid Dynasty, and was conquered in 1154 by Nur al-Din's forces.


The Sultanate of Damascus was founded by the Burids of the Seljuk Rebels, and the Sultanate of Damascus was created. The Sultanate followed the Islamic beliefs, and the Sultanate became rivals with the Sultanate of Aleppo, Sultanate of Mosul, Sultanate of Baghdad, Seljuk Empire, Sultanate of Rum, Fatimid Dynasty, and of course, the Crusaders. In 1148 the city was besieged despite Muin ad-Din's opposition to the target, the Aleppans, and the city was taken by the Aleppans after the Second Crusade, in 1154.

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