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Battle of Kanto
Conflict: Campaigns of Shingen Takeda
Date: 1573
Place: Kanto, Shinano Province
Outcome: Hojo victory

Hojo Hojo
Uesugi Uesugi

Date Date
Tokugawa Tokugawa


Ujiyasu Hojo

Ieyasu Tokugawa
Masamune Date







The Great Kanto Defense was the nickname given to a defensive operation launched by Ujiyasu Hojo to defend the Kanto while Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi were on the move to Kyoto. He defended Kanto against the Tokugawa and Date, who wanted to take it over from the inferior Hojo-Uesugi, but they defeated the enemy.


With Shingen Takeda, the greatest strategist in Japan at the time, gone, the Kanto Region seemed weak in the hands of the Lion of Sagami. The Date Clan, led by Masamune Date, was the first to invade. Kotaro Fuma and Concubine Kai led a flank attack on the Date before the main Hojo force marched on Date, defeating Keiji Maeda and Magoichi Saika before routing Masamune's troops.

It was then that the Tokugawa clan arrived, having the same ideas as Masamune. Shingen got wind of this plan after the Tokugawa retreated east after their defeat at the consecutive Battle of Mikatagahara, which he had just won, and sent Lady Aya and Kunoichi Sanada to defend Kanto as reinforcements. Together, the Allied Forces charged Ieyasu and crushed his troops. Masamune's retreating forces returned, but were crushed once more, and Kanto remained safe.