Turkish people rallying for Belgium and Turkey after the 2016 terrorist attacks

The Turks are a Turkic ethnic group and nation that reside primarily in Turkey, making up the largest Turkic ethnic group with a worldwide population of up to 69,000,000 people. 59,560,701 of those live in Turkey, but sizeable minorities live in Europe, with 2,800,000 living in Germany, and up to 500,000 in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, and the United States. The Turks have had a long and rich history that has seen their expansion from Central Asia to Bangladesh in the east (under the Delhi Sultanate) and to Morocco and Austria in the west. As a result, groups such as Syrian Turkmen, Iraqi Turkmen, Turkish Cypriots, and Meskhetian Turks claim descent from the Turkish people, and the Turks have left traces of their civilization in several countries. Almost all Turks are Muslim, although most Turks in Turkey are secular, and are very liberal; a minority are irreligious, Christian, or Jewish.