Tukhechjen (318 AD-379) was a Hunnic warlord who was responsible for the Conquest of the Roxolani from 363-376 AD, as well as the campaigns against the Sarmatians and then the Hun invasion of Russia, taking over most of Russia and the Ukraine by the time of his death.


Tukhechjen was born in Central Asia, probably in Mongolia, to the Huns, a warmongering tribe that was famed for its incursions into China and Russia. Tukhechjen created one of the largest non-civilized empires the world has ever seen, extending from Mongolia to France in the day of Attila the Hun. Tukhechjen's conquest of Russia in 376 AD was an example of a well-planned, protracted, struggle which was a step-by-step conquest of the Sarmatians, Roxolani, and Alans, with many small victories adding up to each of their individual conquests; the Roxolani took over five years to conquer. Tukhechjen's sons led his conquest in person while he governed the former Alan capital of Campus Sarmatae in Russia, but he was also a capable military commander, taking part in the capture of Campus Roxolani, among many castles set up by the Sarmatians and Alans. 

Tukhechjen died after having taken over all of Russia from the barbaric tribes, leaving his son Diggiz as Khan.

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