1848 election
The United States presidential election, 1848 was held on 7 November 1848, the first United States election to be held on a single day in every state. President James K. Polk promised not to run again due to his declining state of health and accomplishment of all of his major goals during a single term in office (the Mexican-American War), leading to Democratic Party politician Lewis Cass and his running mate William O. Butler becoming the new Democratic ticket. They faced the ticket of US Whig Party war hero Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore and the Free Soil Party ticket of former president Martin Van Buren and Charles F. Adams. The Whigs promised no future wars and to focus on the issue of slavery prevailing in the new territories; the Whig Party was desperate, having changed its position of anti-expansionism to accepting the territorial modifications, and they chose the war hero Taylor due to him having high chances of winning the presidency. Taylor, who had little in common with Whig views, nevertheless won the presidency with 163 electoral votes to Cass' 127.