1964 election
The United States presidential election, 1964 was held on 3 November 1964. The incumbent President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, secured the Democratic Party nomination and chose Hubert Humphrey as his running mate. The Republican Party chose the New Right leader Barry Goldwater of Arizona as its candidate, and William E. Miller was his running mate. While Johnson advocated the Great Society anti-poverty programs and support for the Civil Rights movement, Goldwater held deeply unpopular views such as support for segregation and for an aggressive foreign policy. Goldwater won over the Democrats' "Solid South" due to his conservative views, and Goldwater's candidacy led to many reactionary Southern Democrats defecting to the increasingly right-wing Republican Party. Johnson met unparalleled success for a Democratic candidate, winning 486 electoral votes to Goldwater's 52. No candidate since Johnson achieved the same amount of popular support as him - he won 61.1% of the popular vote - and no Democrat since Johnson was able to match his success in the Midwest or in the mountain states of the American West. The Democrats won Alaska for the only time in history, while they won Vermont for the first time since their foundation.


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