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The Visigoth Kingdom of Toulouse was a medieval kingdom that lasted from 420 CE to 507 CE, created after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in Spain. The kingdom was annexed by Clovis I in 507 in the Battle of Campus Vogladensis.



Alaric II

Alaric II, King of the Visigoths

The kingdom was founded in the 420s when the Visigoths and Suevi conquered northeastern Spain from the Western Roman Empire. Eurico, the King of the Visigoths, founded the kingdom and settled in two major cities: Toulouse and Narbonne. The kingdom came under threat from the Britons several times and also fought against the Romans, taking Clermont from the Romans in 475. The kingdom became powerful and allied with the Visigoth Kingdom of Spain, while fighting the Franks and Burgundians.


Death of Alric II

Death of Alric II

In the late 400s, following the fall of Rome, the Germans took over all of Europe, founding their own kingdoms. The Franks became the Merovingian Empire, a powerful dynasty of the Kingdom of France, and Clovis I expanded southwards.

In 507, Clovis headed south with a Frankish army, and defeated the Visigothic army at the Battle of Vouille, or Campus Vogladensis. In the action, Alaric II was slain by Clovis himself, and the army defected, and the Franks annexed the kingdom.

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