The Vocontii were a Gallic tribe that resided in southern France at Massilia (present-day Marseilles). They were known for their warring with the Romans and the Ligurians during the 3rd century BCE, and remained a threat until they were dealt with in 49 BCE by Gaius Julius.


The Voconti were based on the eastern bank of the Rhone River in southern France, settling the city now known as Marseilles, calling it Massilia. The Vocontii were involved in turf warfare with the Ligurians and Gaul, and raided into Italy during the early 3rd century BCE. In 267 BCE, Vibius Julius (later Quaestor) was ordered by the Roman Republic to lead a punitive expedition into southern France, and Vibius took control of the city and recruited some of the barbarians as mercenaries.

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