Wang Lang
Wang Lang (died 228 AD), styled Wang Jingxing, was a warlord of the Later Han era who later became a General of the Kingdom of Cao Wei.


Wang Lang was born in Donghai Commandery, Yang Province, born to a powerful noble family. Wang Lang was the Governor of Kuaiji until 197 AD, when Sun Ce conquered his lands in Wujun. Following the Conquest of Wu, Wang Lang retreated to the palace of Cao Cao, and served as "Consultant and Adviser to the Army of the Minister of Works", "Administrator of Wei", and "Headquarters Officer". As a general of Cao Wei, Wang Lang fought in Zhuge Liang's Northern Expeditions against the armies of Shu Han. He was defeated at the Battle of Tian Shui and the Battle of Jie Ting, and in 228 AD, died of shame after losing a debate with Zhuge Liang.