Battle of Tours

Battle of Tours, 732 AD

War is a military action fought between two parties, generally involving battles that cost the lives of soldiers. War is the state of two parties solving their hostilities by fighting to achieve their goals, whether to eliminate a rival clan, crush a rebellion, settle border disputes, conquer a nation, loot gold, overthrow an evil ruler, or go on a religious quest. War is made up of campaigns, which are wars fought within wars, who are in turn made up of battles, who are sometimes made up of a series of skirmishes.

Aftermath of an 18th century battlefield

Warfare has changed since the early era: in the Bronze Age (4000 BCE-1750 BCE), people used flints, torches, and stones; in the Golden Age of Civilization (1750 BCE-507 BCE), people started to ride horses and use chariots in addition to swords; in the Greco-Roman Era (507 BCE-476 AD), people started to use shields, armor, and siegecraft; in the Feudal Era (476 AD-811 AD) people used tougher armor and small armies commanded by knights, primarily men on horseback; in the Medieval Era (811 AD-1540 AD) only one battle in 99 sieges and raids were fought as people began using catapults, crossbows, ballistas, and siege towers; in the Early Modern Era (1540 AD-1700 AD) people started to use muskets and gunpowder weapons, rendering armor obsolete; in the Colonial Era (1700 AD-1789 AD) people started wearing uniforms rather than armor; in the Napoleonic Era (1789 AD-1815 AD) people used rifles and better cannon; in the Imperial Era (1815 AD-1898 AD) people started to use automatic weapons, Gatling Guns, and helmets, and in the Modern Era (1898 AD-present) warfare has involved bombs, planes, tanks, and other warcraft.

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