Yellow Turbans

Yellow Turbans

The Way of Peace, better known by their nicknames as the Yellow Turbans (Yellow Scarves) were a Taoist sect that were formed in 180 AD by Great Teacher Zhang Jiao, who preached the destruction of Han in a fight against corruption and poverty. At their height in 184 AD, they had two million followers, who were ordered to wrap yellow scarves around their heads to mark their loyalty. The Yellow Turban bandits originally targeted Xi Liang, held by Governor Dong Zhuo, but he put down the rebellion with much brutality. Zhang Jiao then traveled to Nanzhong, but was denounced by King Meng Huo; however, succeeded in conquering Ji Province later in 180 AD. Soon after, the Yellow Turbans attacked northern China and the center as well, pillaging local towns. After a string of defeats, Grand Marshal He Jin raised an Imperial Army under Huangfu Song, Zhu Jun, and Cao Cao, a Subjugation Force under Sun Jian, and a Volunteer Force under Liu Yan and Liu Bei. These forces, combined, defeated the Yellow Turbans at the Second Battle of Xia Pi, the Battle of He Nan Yin, the Battle of Ju Lu, and the Battle of Guang Zong, all in 184. The rebellion rose up several times, but by 205 AD, they ceased to be a threat to the Later Han due to campaigns by Cao Cao.

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